NATA wrapped up another successful Advanced Line Service Workshop this past week at DuPage Flight Center in West Chicago, IL. ALS workshops include a unique mix of technical and service training with sessions on motivation and leadership techniques, customer service training, misfueling prevention, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) training, and the impact of human factors on aviation ground handling. Guest speakers Rick Spencer of Peco-Facet and Keith Clark of Phillips 66 led sessions on aviation fuel filtration, quality control and misfueling prevention. Attendees received hands-on fire extinguisher training during a live fire demonstration conducted by West Chicago Fire Department.

NATA would like to thank Brian DeCoudres and all the staff at DuPage Flight Center for making this event possible. We also appreciate Peco-Facet for sponsoring the remaining 2018 ALS Workshops!

NATA is hosting 3 more ALS workshops throughout the country in 2018. Click here for dates and registration information.


Groups explore how understanding different motivational styles can help draw the best out of employees.


ALS students learn how to perform API gravity testing which is a vital part of the fuel receipt and quality control process.


Martin French of TAC Air RDU puts out a live fire during the hands-on extinguisher training session of the Advanced Line Service workshop. NATA would like to thank the West Chicago Fire Department for helping with this invaluable training.

NATA’s Safety 1st Training Is Coming to a City Near You!


ALS Regional WorkshopSafety 1st Advanced Line Service (ALS) Workshop is a two-day training event designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to make your line service team succeed and become new leaders within your company. You can increase your savings by adding the Supervisor Online course or the PLST (initial or recurrent) course when registering for the workshop. Below you will find our 2016 schedule:

For more information or to register, please visit


A Busy Time of Year!

As it is for many of you, fall is a busy time at NATA Safety 1st with Safety 1st Committee meetings, training events, the NBAA annual conference and finalizing preparation for the upcoming year. We know how busy everyone is and want to provide a few quick informational updates.

FAA Releases 2014-2015 Deice Holdover Tables

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about snowy weather! This week the FAA has released the deicing holdover tables for the 2014-2015 winter. The tables can be found at:

Don’t forget, this is a great time to have your team brush up on deicing safety and operations with the Safety 1st Deicing/Anti-icing training program. At only $155, or less per student, this training is a great late fall investment in safety! Click the link below for more information.

NATA Safety 1st Deicing/Ant-icing Training

FAA Launches Airport Safety Information Video Series

This video series is designed and produced for airport operators, but contains useful safety information for anyone that is operating at an airport.

Visit the FAA Airport Safety Information Video Series Webpage

Begin to think about next year!

Safety 1st is putting the final touches on our 2015 schedule of events which we plan to announce in mid-November. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Expanded Advanced Line Service Regional Workshop schedule – We are excited to be holding four regional ALS workshops next year, to help you and your team reduce travel costs while still obtaining top-notch in-person Safety 1st training.
  • Safety 1st Certified Trainer Program – NEW FOR 2015 – A good trainer is vital to any training program. The Safety 1st Certified Trainer program will provide trainers with in-depth knowledge and skills that will make them more effective and better leaders. This program will be a live on-line course consisting of 6, 1-hour courses that cover topics from customizing the PLST for your location to the fundamentals of on-the-job training. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new program.

Submitted by Michael France, NATA Director of Safety and Training

Safety 1st Wraps Up Inaugural Regional Advanced Line Service Workshop

Over the past two days, line service professionals participated in the first ever Safety 1st Regional Line Service Workshop in St. Louis. The workshop, which sold out with nearly 30 attendees, was hosted by Jet Aviation St. Louis and the St. Louis Downtown Airport Fire Department.


Workshop attendees learned about the latest in aviation fuel handling and quality control from Reed Fuller with World Fuel Services. Heavy rains forced the cancellation of the hands-on portion of the session, but Mr. Fuller was prepared and moved on to teach the basics of managing Human Factors to prevent accidents and incidents on the ramp.


Michelle Ventker, Facilitator with ServiceElements, International, lead an in-depth session focusing on helping the attendees become customer service leaders. This session featured discussions among the diverse group of attendees on the everyday techniques that lead to building repeat customers as well as attracting new business.


One of the highlights of the workshop was the hands-on, live-fire, portable fire extinguisher practice lead by Captain James Hinchey with the St. Louis Downtown Fire Department. Each of the attendees received instruction on the proper use of a portable fire extinguisher and was able to practice putting out a fire using the department’s live-fire practice rig.

We are very grateful to the Regional ALS Sponsors for helping to make this workshop an overwhelming success!

ServiceElements, International


World Fuel Services


Beacon Aviation Insurance

Stay tuned. Safety 1st hopes to announce the date and time of our next Regional ALS in the coming weeks!

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