Major Announcement Regarding Filter Monitors

A major announcement is being made by Airlines for America (A4A) with the publication of Bulletin 2019.1-Updated ATA103 Requirements for Filter Monitors.

This latest bulletin states that when released, ATA 103 revision 2019.1 would allow the continued use of filter monitors qualified to EI 1583 7th edition beyond the December 31, 2020 withdrawal of the EI 1583 specification.

While this is welcome news to the many fuel providers who utilize filter monitor elements for into-plane refueling operations, the A4A bulletin was clear to emphasize that the decision was being made on a “INTERIM” basis only and “that filter monitors have no future in commercial aviation and will be phased out.”

As to exactly when filter monitors are to be phased out is yet to be determined and depends on the data collected from the current testing and evaluation of new filtration technologies.

Until then, A4A advises “It is imperative that into-plane fueling providers continue strict adherence to the A4A Bulletin 2017.2 actions and the filter monitor operational parameters prescribed in ATA103.”

To review the complete A4A Bulletin 2019.1-Updated ATA103 Requirements for Filter Monitors, visit NATA’s Safety 1st Alerts and Industry Publications page.

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