A New Award Recognizing Line Service Professionals

It has been 13 years since I started working as a line service technician and I can still remember the first time I heard my job referred to as a “ramp rat.” I was offended then and would still be offended today. The people I knew who worked on the ramp put in long hours often in less than ideal weather, and did so with an attitude of dedication and customer service. These individuals worked hard every day to provide the FBO’s customers the best possible experience whether they were based tenants, overnight guests or just a simple drop and go.

Because of these experiences, I am incredibly proud that NATA is adding to its list of Industry Excellence Awards a Safety 1st Certified Line Service Professional Award. This award will be given to a line service professional who demonstrates outstanding efforts to increase safety, service or business processes. The individual who receives this award will be recognized at the association’s annual awards luncheon along with the winners of the Airport Executive Partnership, Excellence in Pilot Training, FAA Service Excellence and GA Service Technician awards.

Across our industry, line service professionals make a positive difference every day.  This award will help honor more than just a single individual, I hope it will honor the hard work and dedication of line service professionals across the country and around the world!

Michael France

Director, Safety & Training – Former Line Service Professional

Nominations for the Safety 1st Certified Line Service Professional Award must be made by the NATA member company with which they are employed.

Click here to download a nomination packet