A Busy Time of Year!

As it is for many of you, fall is a busy time at NATA Safety 1st with Safety 1st Committee meetings, training events, the NBAA annual conference and finalizing preparation for the upcoming year. We know how busy everyone is and want to provide a few quick informational updates.

FAA Releases 2014-2015 Deice Holdover Tables

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about snowy weather! This week the FAA has released the deicing holdover tables for the 2014-2015 winter. The tables can be found at:


Don’t forget, this is a great time to have your team brush up on deicing safety and operations with the Safety 1st Deicing/Anti-icing training program. At only $155, or less per student, this training is a great late fall investment in safety! Click the link below for more information.

NATA Safety 1st Deicing/Ant-icing Training

FAA Launches Airport Safety Information Video Series

This video series is designed and produced for airport operators, but contains useful safety information for anyone that is operating at an airport.

Visit the FAA Airport Safety Information Video Series Webpage

Begin to think about next year!

Safety 1st is putting the final touches on our 2015 schedule of events which we plan to announce in mid-November. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Expanded Advanced Line Service Regional Workshop schedule – We are excited to be holding four regional ALS workshops next year, to help you and your team reduce travel costs while still obtaining top-notch in-person Safety 1st training.
  • Safety 1st Certified Trainer Program – NEW FOR 2015 – A good trainer is vital to any training program. The Safety 1st Certified Trainer program will provide trainers with in-depth knowledge and skills that will make them more effective and better leaders. This program will be a live on-line course consisting of 6, 1-hour courses that cover topics from customizing the PLST for your location to the fundamentals of on-the-job training. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new program.

Submitted by Michael France, NATA Director of Safety and Training

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