Who are your Managers?

Submitted by Michael France, NATA Director of Safety and Training

If your business is like most in general aviation, you promote from within. Individuals who display passion, knowledge and skill take on new responsibilities and eventually even new roles. Many of these “homegrown” leaders have never had formal leadership and management training, yet they are tasked with leading and managing your business. Their success is often based solely upon raw talent and desire. Imagine what these leaders and managers could accomplish with just a little bit of expert instruction!

The NATA Safety 1st Aviation Management Workshop is designed to provide these leaders, both new and experienced, the positive edge they need to take the businesses they run to the next level. Presented in partnership with Aviation Management Consulting Group (AMCG), the Aviation Management Workshop explores proven leadership, management, and decision-making principles, best practice approaches, innovative strategies, and creative techniques from industry experts who have decades of experience leading and managing people and making business decisions.

Now is the time to invest in your leaders and managers and the Aviation Management Workshop is the solution you need.

Check out our events page for more details and to register

2014 Aviation Management Workshop
September 16-17
Savannah, GA

Visit of return to NATA website: http://www.nata.aero  

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