Trying Something New

So, the tough part about stepping out of your comfort zone is the uncertainty that accompanies that adventure. This year NATA Safety 1st stepped out of our comfort zone and moved away from large, centrally located training events and towards smaller regional training events held at airports. This really was a big step, I actually began my aviation career attending a more traditional NATA Line Service Supervisor Training seminar a number of years ago!

I am pleased to announce that our first Regional Advanced Line Service Workshop has sold out. Now, I do realize that doesn’t mean success all by itself, we still have to put on a great event, but it sure is a great start!

We appreciate our fantastic sponsors who make these regional workshops successful:  Beacon Aviation Insurance, TAC Air, World Fuel Services and AirBP. We would also like to recognize Jet Aviation St. Louis for hosting this workshop.

A special thank you to ServiceElements International who is both a sponsor and a presenter at the Regional ALS.

Stay tuned, we hope to be announcing more dates and locations for the Regional ALS workshops soon!

Visit or return to NATA website:

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