In Case You Didn’t Notice….

I know that running a successful business keeps owners, managers and executives busy. You barely have enough hours in the day to keep up with the invoices you receive and the invoices you send out, much less keeping track of the invoices you never get!

That why we wanted to take a moment to let all of our NATA Safety 1st participants know that beginning this year, 2014, we will no longer be charging a Safety 1st Participation Fee for NATA members. So you can mark that off your list of expenses, it is one invoice you won’t get!

The Participation Fee, instituted with the roll-out of the PLST online in 2008, has helped build the Safety 1st program to the robust resource that it now is for NATA members. Now is the time to move forward and we have restructured our pricing models, and even NATA membership itself, to make the process simpler for you, our members.

Non-NATA member companies will still be required to pay a participation fee in addition to the per seat cost of training. NATA is a member organization, not a for-profit training provider.  The association is supported by our member dues and the non-member participation fee helps make sure that everyone participates is keeping NATA Safety 1st the standard in line service and safety training!

Thank you for your support of NATA Safety 1st, together we truly are building safe and successful aviation businesses!

Michael France

NATA Director, Safety & Training

Visit or return to NATA site: Visit or return to Safety 1st site:

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