A Wrap Up From Indianapolis

Last week was a busy time for NATA Safety 1st with meetings and seminars being held in Indianapolis, IN. The week began on Tuesday with the NATA Safety 1st Committee holding a regular business meeting and was followed on Wednesday and Thursday by our Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar and the brand new Aviation Management Workshop. All three events were a great success and capped off what has been a fantastic year for Safety 1st meetings and in-person training.

photoNATA Safety 1st Committee
One of the great benefits of the NATA Safety 1st Program is that it originates from you, the NATA members. We work with experts from numerous NATA member companies around the country in charting the direction of the program. The primary way this is accomplished is through the NATA Safety 1st Committee. This member committee is comprised of member company employees with the experience and desire to volunteer some of their time to make sure Safety 1st remains the standard in safety training across our industry. The success of Safety 1st is due in very large part to these dedicated individuals and the work they have put into the program. The great news is, the Safety 1st Committee is always looking for new members! If you have the desire, expertise and willingness, you can be an integral part of the future of Safety 1st. Just shoot us an email at safety1st@nata.aero and we will walk you through the process so you can become a part of this great committee.

photo22013 Fall Line Service Supervisor Training (LSST)
The final LSST of 2013 was a fantastic two-day event that covered everything from fuel handling and quality control to customer service. The attendees had the opportunity to interact with industry experts from Gammon Technical Products, Ascent Aviation and ServiceElements International. New for this LSST, the attendees received hands-on fire extinguisher training from Lt. Ben Dye of the Fairfax County VA Fire Department. The unique thing about the LSST is its blend of technical and soft skills training, everything a supervisor needs to go back to their business and make a difference every day! Stay tuned for more information on training events for 2014.

photo3NEW – Aviation Management Workshop
Many of today’s managers in aviation business began their careers in aviation in a technical field, ether as a pilot, mechanic or even line service technician. As they demonstrated a dedication to excellence, they were promoted up through their company. Now as managers, they need to bring a completely new set of skills to the table, and that is what our newest seminar, the Aviation Management Workshop, was designed to help them do. After speaking with the attendees of this great seminar in Indianapolis last week, we believe we accomplished our goal and established the Aviation Management Workshop as another one of Safety 1st great in-person training offerings. A special thanks to Paul Meyers and Jeff Kohlman from Aviation Management Consulting Group (AMCG) for joining with Safety 1st to bring this workshop to our members!

As we wrap up 2013 over the next three months, we are already turning our eyes to 2014 and planning for the great training events and meetings we will bring you next year. No details yet, but it won’t be long, so continue to check out the Safety Net for more details.

Thanks for reading!

The Safety 1st Team

Visit or return to NATA site: http://www.nata.aero
Visit or return to Safety 1st site: http://www.nata.aero/plst

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